The Foundation has brought out several publications :
i) to disseminate ideas of peace and cooperation in the SAARC Region, and
ii) to highlight the latest creative works of talented writers of the Region, and to make them a part of mainstream world literature




Ajeet Cour-Short Stories




Parabarti Sabdabali (The New Poetic Idiom” in the Making”) is a collection of poems written by young Bangla poets hailing from Bangladesh and West Bengal (India), The poems were first presented by these 16 young poets at a week-long Young Bangla Poets Meet organised at Kolkata and coordinated by Dr. Ram Kumar Mukhopadhyay and Prof. Nabaneeta Dev Sen. It has been edited by Dr. Ramkumar Mukhopadhyay, eminent writer and literary scholar.




SAARC Writers Building Bridges for Cultural Harmony and Peace contains reflections of eminent writers and peace activists, academicians and policy workers, on the role of writers and intellectuals in building bridges for cultural harmony and peace. It has been edited by Ajeet Cour, eminent punjabi poet, and President of FOSWAL.




Shamsur Rahman: A Witness of His Times contains selected poetry of Shamsur Rahman, the foremost poet of Bangladesh and the recipient of the first-ever SAARC Literary Award for Lifetime Creative Excellence. It also contains research articles on Shamsur Rahman”s art and persona by a galaxy of eminent litterateurs and literary critics. It has been edited by Ajeet Cour and Dr. Pankaj Bhan.




An Anthology of Ideas, Poetry, Fiction contains selected critical articles, poems and short stories written by contemporary SAARC Writers, besides a detailed report of the Fourth SAARC Writers Conference, New Delhi, 13-15 December, 2001, in which many eminent writers, poets, diplomats, and scholars participated.




Voices of Asia: In consonance with the wishes of the writers of the SAARC region, expressed through numerous conferences, workshops, seminars, as also through inter-personal interactions, the Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature has brought out this volume of representative short stories of writers from the ‘seven sister’ countries comprising the SAARC region. While retaining their distinctive local colour and flavour, these stories embody certain common themes and motifs highlighting the myriad aspect of life as lived by the teeming millions who inhabit the region. In their different ways, they bring out the recurrent aspects of the ‘existential’ reality like poverty, ‘feminisation’ of poverty, gender relations, women’s empowerment, political protest, social upheavals, cultural assertion, corruption, pacifism, communal cleavages, etc. as lived out by the peoples of the region. It has been edited by Ajeet Cour andDr. Pankaj Bhan.





Oi Banglay (“In the Other Bengal”) is a creative travelogue of Bangladesh written by Dr. Ramkumar Mukhopadhyay, eminent scholar. It has been published in Bangla, and English ‘In the Other Bengal’ Translated by Ms. Jayita Sengupta.




Crying for Kurukshetra is a play written by Ms. Suryakanthi Tripathi, and presents a dialogue between the widows left behind after the epic battle of Mahabharata. The play, is about women and war. It addresses the impact that war has on the lives of women and their struggle to come to terms with its aftermath. The theme is highlighted through the experiences of women, both royal and common, who suffer devastating losses in Kurukshetra, the great battle of the Indian epic, “The Mahabharata.” It is seen that the issues that confronted those women have remarkable contemporary relevance, and are strikingly similar to those that challenge the women of today.




Our Voices is an anthology of contemporary poetry of the eminent poets of the SAARC region edited by Ajeet Cour and Nirupama Dutt. This anthology of poetry includes poems of many poets of South Asia who have been participating in several SAARC Writers Conferences organised by the Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature (FOSWAL), under the dynamic leadership of eminent Punjabi writer Ajeet Cour. A few poets who we hope, will participate in the SAARC conferences in the future, are also included in the anthology. The effort has been to include poetry that reflects the contemporary reality of the region.




Ripples of The Mahanadi, a collection of poems by Mayadhar Mansinha, the doyen of Oriya poetry, the late father of eminent diplomat and scholar Lalit Mansingh. The anthology of translations prepared by the poet himself representing but a small segment of his work should introduce to a wider circle of readership the genius of this personality who made such an impact on the cultural scene in modern Orissa.




Chasing the Clouds and Other Stories brings together eighteen exceptional short stories by prominent women writers from the SAARC region. Originally written in different languages of the region ranging from Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu, to Punjabi, Bengali, Urdu, Sinhalese, Nepali, Assamese, Hindi, Dzongkha, Marathi and Tamil, these stories in their highly readable English versions reflect the range, depth and diversity of the short fiction authored by




Gone with the Soil – Book




The Eight Neighbours- Together We Survive




The Songs We Share




I am Thou




Sweet and Sour Dreams




Sufism-A Celebration of Love




Poetry Book of Tagore and Nazrul Islam August 20 2011




Women Hold up Half the Sky




Women Hold up Half the Sky




A Silver Anklet




Buddhism Message of Peace




Folklore-Stagnant Ponds Flowing Rivers




City in an Oyester




Folklore The Intangible Cultural Heritage Volume I




Folklore The Intangible Cultural Heritage Volume II




Ghar Barabar Laltein




Padma Meghna Jamuna